A Typical TOPSoccer Session

In an effort to bring kids together, both with disabilities and without, our TOPSoccer sessions are centered around the interaction between Athletes and Buddies. After a brief welcome and a stretch, Athletes and Buddies are released to play in whatever manner they so choose, before reconvening for a community game and closing cheer. Together, Athletes and their Buddies have a chance to play field games, kick goals, hula hoop, play frisbee, and generally do all of the things that kids love to do.


Volunteering at TOPSoccer

Becoming a TOPSoccer Buddy is a great way to give back to your community, have fun playing games, and most importantly, make a difference in an Athlete’s life. To become a Buddy, volunteers need to register HERE using their Fusion account information. At a Buddy’s first session, they will be provided with a T-shirt that they are expected to wear to every future session. Buddies are not required to come to all eight sessions every season, but they are asked to come to as many as possible so that their Athlete has some consistency.

Contact Us

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