Volunteers Needed

TOPSoccer relies on many different organizations as well as NC Fusion soccer players to have a successful season.  We need Coaches, Buddies, and other supportive roles. Anyone 12 years or older is encouraged to volunteer and is required to attend a training session prior to the start of the season. All volunteers working in direct contact with the players are required to:


Each coach will supervise a small group of players and their soccer buddies as they participate in the stations and games. In this non-competitive league the goals are learning and having fun, so the job of the coach will be to facilitate and encourage each player to do their best. We ask that each coach commit to volunteer for the full season. A manual with detailed lesson plans, pointers and resources is provided to all coaches. Coaches are required to attend the volunteer training session.

Soccer Buddies

Soccer buddies are the most important part of the team. Your goal is to keep the player engaged in the game and to have fun. You can assist by modeling the skills and encouraging them to do their best. Experience with soccer or special needs is welcome, but not necessary. Since consistency is important for our players we ask that buddies commit to at least 4 of the play dates. Soccer buddies are required to attend the volunteer training session.

Supportive Roles

If you want to volunteer but cannot commit to the majority of the play dates, we will find a way to involve you. We need volunteers in many other areas, including first day registration and photographer. Any volunteer who will not work directly with the players is encouraged to attend the training session.

Contact Us

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