What is TOPSoccer?

TOPSoccer (The Outreach Program for Soccer) was started by US Youth Soccer in 1991 to serve as a community-based program for younger athletes with mental or physical disabilities. Our own NC Fusion TOPSoccer organization has adapted the traditional formula to make it our own.

Why TOPSoccer?

TOPSoccer furthers NC Fusion’s mission of fostering the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of America’s youth through the sport of soccer at all levels. In short, TOPSoccer takes kids from watching on the sidelines to participating in the game. Just talk with the parents or participants of TOPSoccer, and you’ll understand why our program has touched all those involved.

Benefits of TOPSoccer

TOPSoccer is truly a meaningful experience for all involved. The Buddies, youth volunteers from the community, enjoy playing with their Athletes, kids and teens with disabilities, every week. Our Athletes love playing with their Buddy, who is there solely to play and socialize with them. All in all, Athletes and Buddies develop a sense of belonging to the community, learn the value of being part of a team, and improve their self-esteem, fitness, and social skills. Another great benefit of TOPSoccer is for the parents, who cherish the opportunity to socialize with others, or simply watch their Athlete enjoy themselves every Sunday.

Contact Us

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